I was born in Takeo province the southern part of Cambodia in 1981, two years after Pol Pot’s regime collapsed. I was not lucky to be born in a hospital like other people were, but under a tree behind my grandparents’ small cottage. My first ever journey to see the world was really dangerous; it could take my mum’s and my life away if we had bad luck. There were no doctors or nurses to welcome my journey but an old lady, who had no medical ideas but the traditional knowledge of getting babies out. …
I had a chance to go to school even though we were poor. …
Lucky me, in 2001 I passed the entrance exam of the Department of Media and Communication (previously it was called the Department of Journalism).
I am really committed to be a journalist for print media, newspaper after I graduate, but everything was changed, when in my third or fourth year, I felt that broadcast media is more useful than print. ...
And that is the strength of the broadcast media since it doesn't need the reading capacity, which most Cambodians do not have. There are a lot of Cambodians in rural areas who are illiterate.
I hope I can use my knowledge and experience of Media I have gained from the Department of Media and Communication to help myself and my community.
Meas Bunly

Lim Khy

  I was born in 1979 in Srey Santhor district, Kompong Cham province. …
I am interested in the Media Management course, which is new to Cambodia and I am taking the course. By doing so, I hope to assist in enhancing the country’s democratization process and upgrading social and economic growth. For the course on "How to start up a radio community instructed by Berry and Schmidt", I expected to learn both theoretical and practical aspects of starting up and how to sustain a community-based radio station that will be of help to the Cambodian community. At first we hoped to learn with the help from experts and then we hoped to work on our own when the mission of foreign donors and their priceless assistance end. And trhough the course, we sincerely hope that we would be able to achive the goal.
I was born in 1983 in Siem Reap town, Cambodia, to a middle-class family. It was the time when Cambodia was not recognized by the United Nations but I knew very little then. I just remember a few restless nights when adults were not sleeping but gathering downstairs talking, and there were lots of gun shots. Children were often waken up in the middle of the night and brought downstairs to hide in a big underground room at the back of my house that all male adults in the family had dug. …
I am a Chinese descendent. …
The experience with writing and reporting news has equipped me with broad understanding of how outside and personal factors can influence my stories. I then would like to know how to identify those influences methodically. …
These activities have given me an insight of how I want my future to be like. That is to be able to analyze media text and to involve in a research project.
  Chea Chou


Pen Sophal

  I was born in Svay Rieng province, Eastern part of the country. ...
I have been selected to do practicum for three months at Deutsche Welle Radio, Bonn city, Germany. My aim to work in the field of radio has mainly contributed to the selection criteria of the school. I have visited Radio France International as well during my stay in Germany, which provided me broader view and experience in the field of radio. ...
After this course, I would like to get more practical experience and have firm knowledge in the field of radio. I plan to design the whole programming for a station, which this course has contributed importantly to my plan. ...
At first, I did not feel interested in this course called journalism, but then changed my mind after hearing that it changed to media management. I thought it would make me understand more about the media in general rather than only journalism. ...
Studying at DMC, I found many subjects interesting, but I don't think there is any focus at all on each subject, which could make me to specialize in any type of medium. It would be better if there could have had deeper study in each of those certain subjects from year one to year four, such as radio, TV, newspaper, advertising, or research.
Anyway, after graduating I want to work in the field of communication/PR officer for any NGOs, or in advertising agency.
  Hay Pharrin


Peou Chivoin

  When DMC was established in 2001, I was fortunate to be one of the first people to receive university education in media. …
In 2001, I was selectd by the university to represent Cambodia and present a paper about my vision of future ASEAN at the ASEAN Young Speakers Forum, at ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta, and I was awarded National Young Best Speaker. This was a small but inspiring step for me to build my confidence. …
My future goal is to become an educator and researcher in media field. However, I am not satisfied with my present education, and I feel compelled to learn more about the field of media. Therefore, I plan to apply for a scholarship for master degree abroad once I graduate.
My ever-dreamed job is to work for either big or small international organizations, which deal with helping poor people by providing them education, general knowledge on how to operate their own businsses, proper living, productive health, and technial support.
When I get bored of working in the field I will find job in the permanent office such as communication or advocacy officer for either company or organization. If I have enough experience, I also want to work as press and public affairs officer in any embassy.
  Kim Molyda


Men Uon Malis

  I was born in 1981 in Takeo province, the Southern part of Cambodia. ...
I am the fourth among five sisters and two more brothers. In 1986, I first attended a rural primary school called Ang Prei, after that Ang Prei Junior High School in 1991. Completing the junior high school in 1994 was really a challenge, for only two students including me could manage to get passed entrance exams to high school. I started to understand the meaning of bitter, yet independent life because high school studies were not available in my region. I was sent to live with Buddhist monks at the town centre some 15 kms from my home village. Successfully completed high school in 1997, I passed an entrance exam to Phnom Penh Teacher Training Center majored in English-Khmer the following year. In 2000, I was employed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. I passed the entrance exam to the very new Department of Media and Communication under the umbrella of the Royal University of Phnom Penh in 2001. I like Media Management program because it is the new one in Cambodia and I hope to gain much deeper knowledge in media and communications. Cambodia needs change agents like media professionals so to bring about reflected mirror for the public and state.
To me, the knowledge and practical experience from DMC is priceless. The media course helps broaden my horizon and exposes me to good job opportunities. Actually, I have started my career since I am doing the media course. I have been a reporter for Radio Australia since late 2004. Then, in April 2005, I became a producer for youth call-in program called ‘Really!’ in FM 103 sponsored by BBC World Service Trust. Thus, I need to do my best in fulfilling my study as well as my jobs. Moreover, my ambition is to get a master degree in media field like Public Relation or Radio/TV production. Hopefully, my working experience will qualify me for a scholarship abroad.   Seng Bopha


Chhim Sopheark

  I was born in 1978 as the first child to a poor couple in Prey Veng province Southeast of Cambodia, a bit later after the brutal Pol Pot’s regime was toppled by the Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia. …
With its emergence from civil wars for decades, Cambodian people need information about their communities so that they can make informed decisions to better their social and economic lives as well as to build up a strong community.
Born in the year of the goat and after the regime of Pol Pot, I was named That Bunheng. My name, in Khmer means lucky, I was named after my uncle who was brilliant but was killed during the darkest regime. …
The poor life has provided me lots of best experiences, which I had never expected, especially I have learned a lot from my parents who have tried hard to raise their children and make them become the good people for society. …
In 2003, I became a teacher at Hunsen Teacher Training Centre in Kandal Province where I teach teaching methodology and psychology to teacher trainees for secondry school teachers. I liked it so much as since I was young I dreamed to be a teacher to provide education the following youth of Cambodia.
However, my dream started to change since I joined the Department of Media and Communication in 2001. …
But difficulty always stay with me. I have to work to support my living. I spend nearly half of my time working for money. But as my experience I think media work is like artistic work. Creativity is the principle. So one should not just study the theory but they should be most engaged in the practical experience.
  That Bunheng


Mom Chantara Soleil

  I want to be the founder of an NGO that povides various types of media services, especially TV and Radio to the poor. I am not the fist person to love this area. Nevertheless, I will make the best of my knowledge to bring about professional designed programmes for these two tools of communication. I am positive about what I am pursuing for the fact that I have teamed up with my classmates (6 persons including me). We have been so far working on two projects of GTZ/FSNPSP (German Development Cooperation / Food Security and Nutrition Policy Support Project) and World Vision Cambodia. In so doing, we can save up some money together. Though it is just a small amount, this money is vital in that it will be a solid tie for every member after our graduation. To put it another way, the money is not enough to yet to live our dream. We six have to hunt for jobs after we graduate from the department. We will need at least 2 or 3 years to accumulate experiences as well as to save up more money. Small as it is, the first saved-up amount will bring us together after 2 or 3 years and by then we will be capable enough to step further towards our goal - we are experienced and somewhat well financed in order to assure self-sustainability for our dream NGO. ...
This could be the driving force on the road to local radio in Cambodia!
Thank you!

Klaus Juergen Schmidt

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