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Klaus Kinski spricht afrikanische Gedichte, LP 1961, Deutsche Grammophon-Gesellschaft / Literarisches Archiv
Dichtung afrikanischer Völker, aus: Schwarzer Orpheus, deutsche Nachdichtung von Janheinz Jahn

On June 21, 2001 a total eclipse of the Sun darkened the continent of Africa. The Moon's shadow made its landfall in Angola on the west coast of the continent then swept across Zambia, where the capital, Lusaka, was within the path of totality, onward through the northeast corner of Zimbabwe, then Mozambique. The umbra next crossed into the Indian Ocean and across the island of Madagascar.

Stumbling into Africa - 3 stories, partly in German, partly in English. Elsa has been living in Zimbabwe since 1985. She is a graduate social worker. Together with her friend Mavis, a primary school teacher, she initiates projects for women and children. This is a compilation of Radio Bridge Overseas.
In Search of Africa - Nick Perkins from Barbados exploring his roots on a trip from North to South. A very personal approach in the tradition of great story-telling presented by Radio Bridge Overseas in 12 audio-essays.
University of Botswana History Department: "El Negro of Banyoles" is the name given to a stuffed human body that was displayed at the Francesc Darder Museum of Natural History in Banyoles, Spain, between 1916 and 1997. It was removed after protests by Africans and people of African ancestry, which began around the time of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.