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As a member of the WEB THRILL-CLUB you will be entitled:

  to participate in the creation of a new genre of INTERNET-ART:
the exclusive online-transformation of real events and of their protagonists, as they appear on the web and in real life
into bits and pieces of a new virtual reality
into the plot of a fiction-thriller on Internet
  to receive a password allowing you:
to contribute own ideas
to suggest web-links and real life-events
to provide pictures, documents and stories from your own environment for possible inclusion into the story-line
to access further clues and to monitor continuation of the plot as developed by the author in conjunction with the international club-community
  to decide whether your contributions will appear in the project's web-log under your real name or under a protected pen-name
  to cease membership anytime by notifying the project's administrator through e-mail

As a member
of the WEB THRILL-CLUB you will accept:

  the author's decision how to present and to comment contributions of club-members in the project's web-log
  the author's final decision how to use contributions of club-members for progress and conclusion of the thriller's story-line
  the author's copyright with regard to the use of the project's results in any other context

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(§ 6 TDG = Teledienstegesetz & § 6 II MDStV = Mediendienstestaatsvertrag):
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